Ch Arroline Euphoria  JW

3CC and 2RCC

Ch Arroline Honeysuckle JW ShCM x  Ch Wandris Evan 'Elp Us (MRI 'A Clear')

Dob: 18/12/2016

Ch Arroline Euphoria JW

'Chilli's' Championship Show highlights

Chilli wins her third Bitch Challenge Certificate at Paignton Championship Show 2019

 making her our second show champion

Bitch Challenge Certificate at Manchester Championship Show 2019

Reserve Challenge Certificate at Birmingham National & Darlington 2018

Bitch Challenge Certificate at Southern Cavalier King Charles Club Championship Show 2018

Best Puppy in Breed at Darlington 2017 & Belfast with Puppy Group 2 

 Chilli's Puppy career 

Best Puppy in Breed at Darlington Championship Show.

 Best Puppy in Breed at Belfast Dog Show Society Championship Show where Chilli also place second in the Puppy Toy Group, one of only three cavalier puppies placed at general championship show in 2017.

 Best Puppy in Breed at Southern Cavalier Club Winter Open  

Portsmouth and Southsea Open with Arroline Euphoria winning Reserve Best Puppy in Show! Thank you to breed judge Becky Wileman (Narvidar) , group judge Mrs Dean Dowsett (Tteswood) and Best in Show judge Mrs C E Cartledge (Ryslip).

Arroline Euphoria
I adore this pretty blenheim bitch who has always been my favourite of the two sisters. She is so outgoing and shows her socks off at all times. A lovely shape and size with fabulous pigment. A feminine head with long feathered ears, the darkest of eyes, black nose, correct bite and good reach of neck leading into a level top line. She drove around the ring showing off her well broken silky coat and I was delighted to award her BPB and BPIS.

Mrs S Mangham (Charnavale) critique from Southern Cavalier King Charles Club Open Show on 11th November 2017 winning Best Puppy in Show 

Portsmouth and Southsea Open with Arroline Euphoria winning Reserve Best Puppy in Show! Thank you to breed judge Becky Wileman (Narvidar) , group judge Mrs Dean Dowsett (Tteswood) and Best in Show judge Mrs C E Cartledge (Ryslip).

Arroline Euphoria

Litter sister to the MP winner and so very similar in every department. Her sharp outline immediately catches the eye with her tail held straight off her back, in constant motion, head held proudly on a good reach of arched neck, spirit level topline and perfectly marked, silky coat complete with lozenge adding to her appeal. As with her sister her head will need time to develop but at the moment she has the edge with more fill beneath her eyes and to her neatly tapered muzzle, dark round eyes and correctly set ears used perfectly to enhance her feminine expression. Lovely to go over with every part flowing gently into the next, maturing correctly for her age, unexaggerated and with everything in moderation. Her movement was a pleasure to watch as she circled the ring with purpose and style, good coming and going and holding her lovely outline at all times. As with every exhibit from this kennel temperament was exactly what the standard asks for, active, sporting, gay and friendly, this really adds to the appeal as it’s what I love most about our breed. A very promising youngster who’s progress I will watch with interest. BPIB.

Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) critique from Darlington Dog Show Society Championship Show on 17th September 2017 winning Puppy Bitch class.

Arroline Euphoria  JW with Helen after winning her class at Crafts 2019 thank you to judge Miss A Bubb (Wandris)

Arroline Euphoria 'Chilli' highlights 2018

At Birmingham National Dog Show Championship Show Arroline Euphoria JW won the junior class then was awarded the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 

Thank you to judge Mrs Liz Cartledge (Ryslip)  

Junior(13, 1) 1st Long’s Arroline Euphoria

Delightful young Blenheim of 16 mths, appealing head, expressive eyes, in good coat and form, well marked, graceful and well balanced, firm body, easy movement, smart and showy. RCC

Mrs C E Cartledge (Ryslip) critique from Birmingham National Dog Show Championship Show on 10th May 2018 winning Junior Bitch class.

Arroline Euphoria  JW 

'Chilli' chilling out in the garden

At Southern Cavalier King Charles Club Championship Show show Chilli gained her final points for her Junior Warrant by winning the Junior bitch class then won the Bitch Challenge Certificate to our delight out of an entry 112 bitch cavaliers.

Thank you to judge Mr Peter Webber (Montcolly)

Arroline Euphoria

'Blen of quality and seldom seen elegance these days both in head and body.
This young lady is definitely moderate in all areas. Most importantly for me the correct headpiece with shallow stop and tapered muzzle with the desired and required large dark lustrous eyes framed by long ear leathers gave me my perfect interpretation of the breed standard and when I look through the Champions book to the Golden days of Cavaliers I see resemblances to many of our lovely champions of the past. The whole picture was complimented by a well marked jacket of the correct texture and put down as always to perfection. She easily covered the ring driving off from a sound rear end and I was very happy to award her First Challenge Certificate'

Mr P Webber (Montcolly) critique from Southern Cavalier King Charles Club Championship Show on 7th April 2018 winning Junior Bitch class and the CC

At Eastern Cavalier King Charles Club Championship Show show Chilli won the Junior bitch class then Special Graduate Blenheim or Tricolour class.

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